In organisations striving for excellence, learning and training is a pillar to drive results. Our e-Learning platform “Vowel” helps corporates, small enterprises and individuals deploy learning content and track outcomes.

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With support for over 15 different types of content including videos, documents, quizzes, exercises, SCORM, LTI and webpages, the focus of the platform is allowing reuse of great content present on the web. For people needing to create their own content there is an easy interface that uses a drag and drop method to create content using images and rich text. The platform is extensible via plugins, and allows integration with external systems using REST APIs.

At the heart of the platform is a tracking and reporting engine which is able to track several metrics - time spent, progress, completion and. These metrics can be aggregated and presented in various forms using the Reporting Tool.

Other platform features include an e-commerce feature allowing paid courses, certificates and user engagement tools.

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