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Expedition Sverige

Published in Photography
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Additional Info

  • Technology: PHP, MySQL, CSS, Javascript, Joomla
  • Genre: Social Networks, Ratings & Reviews, Gallery Sites
  • Testimonial: The company I worked for needed a competition function embedded within the gallery of JomSocial. This is not an easy task to program, and no matter how good you are as a programmer, it is still very time consuming programming such a feature. At first I thought it would be difficult explaining what I wanted, but boy was I wrong. The excellent people at Tekdi understood better then myself what I needed and that was a pleasant surprise. The first draft they sent back to me detailed everything I wanted done, and also the expected amount of time it would take programming it. Working with the staff at Tekdi I soon realized how dedicated they are with their projects. Not only did they manage to build everything I needed, they also manage to do it in good time. Ofcourse there are bumps in the road trying to create something this complex as I needed for this project, but the people at Tekdi smoothed out every bump, and they also updated the script to work with JomSocial 1.6 when I needed it. I give Tekdi and their staff 10 out of 10 stars for their excellent work. If you hire them, you will be happy you did.