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Home Communication Joomla Skyper Advanced Plugin for Joomla 1.5

Joomla Skyper Advanced Plugin for Joomla 1.5

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What is this extension for ?

Tekdi Joomla Skyper Plugin (Advanced) 1.5 is an advanced version of basic skyper plugin. It supports the whole array of skype functions as compared to the BASIC skyper plugin. It also supports Conference calls and conference chats. Just providing your skypename, function and image number in plugin call will show skype status on your article.

Setup and Usage.

- To use skyper advanced plugin add the following plugin call in your Joomla content item / Article

skype=yourskypename|function|imgnumber or skype yourskypename|function|imgnumber  between curly braces {}

- For Conference usage put in user1;user2;user3

Supported Functions:

- call,conf,chat,sendfile,userinfo,add

- 25 Images to choose from !

Supported Image numbers:

1 cant 2 off 3 dont 4 cross 5 do


6 callme 7 ca 8 callme 9 cal


10 chat 11 chat 12cgat 13 chat


14add 15                    add 16 17add


18 send 19 send 20 send 21 send


22 view 23 view 24 view 25 view