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Embed PDF in content for Joomla 1.5

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What is this Extension for?

PDF Embed Plugin 1.5 lets you embed the pdf files in your content just like we put flash and other media. This plugin actually makes it possible. Loading an external PDF file in your content has become very easy now using this plugin.

Setup and Configuration.

. 1.Install and Enable the Plugin. - Upload the document to your server.

-  Place the code pdf=http://your|500|300 between curly braces {}

- | 500| 300 are widths and heights in content where the pdf file will be embed.

2.Place the code in HTML mode of the editor while using the WYSIWYG mode or turn the editor off before using the plugin otherwise the pdf url that you have placed will be treated as a html link by the joomla editor and the pdf url will turn blue with a underline. The plugin wont work if this happens.

NOTE: It will work where the pdf embedding is supported by client side browsers. For example you will need to download abobe's plugin to make it work on Firefox in Linux. Most windows machines will have this installed when they install the adobe reade