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Auto Latest News 1.5 Module

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What is this Extension for?

Auto Latest News 1.5 Module is a modification of the core Joomla Latest News Module. It pulls the Section ID from the URL. Very useful for showing Landing pages. This specific module can be used on any page generated using a 'Section' Menu. No of news articles to be shown can be controlled by ' Count ' in admin side.

This is where your body content will load.
In case of a Blog Section View, it will show the latest 'X" items from that
particular section . Say the section category  structure is as follows:

Section : 'Environment'
Categories under above section:
Innovations etc.

The auto latest news
module  can be laoded
in this area to show latest items from say News
Category under this section. More copies may be made to show
latest items from other categories to
build a landing page for that section

Check the admin side screenshot below: