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Written by Parth Lawate Monday, 02 May 2011 14:22

J and Beyond 2011 is just days away & we are super excited to be able to be part of this great international Joomla conference. The list of talks is superb & with 5 parallel tracks, its difficult to chose which ones to attend ! To know more about the event & Schedule click here.

When at Joomla Day India, Brian had talked to me about a Phone app which will allow for easy scheduling & planning for the attendees. I thought this was a super idea..  Then when it came to planning which sessions to attend , I realised it would be great to use this app.. But since i dont have an IPhone & we have a team working on Appcelerator, i thought it would be useful to develop one quickly for Desktops..

So here it is ! Thanks to Bhagyashree for putting together this one :)  The App is built using Appcelerator who is also sponsoring JAB.  Native packages are available for Windows, Linux & Mac OSX. I hope you find it useful.

You can Download the App here


Written by Parth Lawate Saturday, 20 March 2010 20:49
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All of us here at Tekdi Web Solutions are avid trekkers.. We are always looking at a chance to go out into the wilderness be it in the Sahyadris or the Himalayas or some obscure jungle.. We love to trek in the Forts in the Sahyadris & love to keep a count of which all forts we have visited.. On our latest trek to a fort called as Bhairavgad , an idea emerged to develop a small Social application ( Staring as a facebook app) that would let avid trekkers like us make a portfolio of the fort's we'd visited…
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Written by Parth Lawate Monday, 15 February 2010 15:14
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I needed to use of Google Analytics with email campaigns to help analyze the effectiveness of the campaigns.. So here are some scribbles & notes which might help anyone needing to do something similar..I am going to use a email campaign we were creating to promote one of our Products 'JBolo!' a chatting extension for Joomla.. Read on for details..
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