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What Clicks in Joomla - A Twitter Based Game

Written by Manali Wednesday, 25 November 2009 11:21
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'What Clicks in Joomla' is twitter based game played in an attempt to conduct a community based research to find the leading preferences of Joomla users across the globe.


How to get involved in the #whtclksjoomla game ?

All you need is a twitter account, lots of questions to ask & plenty of answers to give :) . Its not necessary to do all that by yourself. Just answer a question about something that interests you or at least retweet & get more people involved in the game. The more the merrier & more accurate the results will get.


  • @tekdinet will be the main twitter account that will be used to promote & drive the game so make sure you follow us.
  • We or anyone willing to participate in the game should ask specific questions about prefences to specific things in Joomla.
  • Questions of the type 'What comes to your mind when i say Joomla Social Networking' which have short specific answers are prefered.
  • All Questions should be tagged with #whtclksjoomla
  • Answers should also be tagged with #whtclksjoomla
  • Make sure that important keywords in your are also tagged by using the hash # symbol.
  • Retweet as many questions as you can

Example for the twitter game #whtclksjoomla by @tekdinet


Question :

tekdinet : #whtclksjoomla What comes to your mind when i say Joomla Social Networking


coolparth : #whtclksjoomla Joomla Social Networking : #Community Builder

coolbung : #whtclksjoomla Joomla Social Networking : #Jomsocial

So come on start tweeting by the dozen !

See howz the game progressing Click on #whtclksjoomla