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CB profilebook to Jomsocial wall

Written by Ashwin Date Saturday, 27 March 2010 10:15
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Lately we've been receiving a steady flow of requests from people wanting to convert their Community Builder based websites into JomSocial ones. I'm not the best person to comment if this is a good trend, but it definitely does seem logical given the variety of features JomSocial offers. Add to that the developer-friendliness of Jomsocial and suddenly you have everyone wanting a JomSocial community!

CB profilebook to JS walls migration

We'd recently had one such request where there was a largish Joomla 1.0 based community site that needed to move over to JomSocial.

You'd say - Hey, use the JomSocial migrator (From CMS Market) and you're done. Of course we used it, and all the tables covered by that component were migrated. Though, a big problem I see for that component is that it does not seem to have a staggered import mechanism, so It always gave a memory error or a maximum execution time error. To overcome that I'd to copy that obese half a GB table on to our local development server, raise the limits to ridiculous levels (Both the execution times were made 1500s and the memory limit was 512MB) and then use the Jomsocial migrator. It worked this time and I was able to import the User data, connections and UDDEIM messages! The hits table which is 150M is still giving problems though. Agree this was a crude trick, but was the fastest option considering how fast clients need their projects delivered these days :)

The client also had several extra features apart from the regular CB ones. There were around 90,000 entries (worth 20MB) made using the profilebook plugin. These needed to go as JomSocial wall posts. I did some scrounging around and did not find any good script that did that, so ultimately needed to write one.

I'm attaching the script to this post so that people who're stuck at the same problem benefit from my script :). It's a simple single file component that you need to put in your administrator/components folder. Once done, simply run the component via the admin -
Note that this does not support staggered import either so you might get a memory issue if you have a large table.

Download icon CB Profilebook to JS walls migrator

We also needed to migrate the profile gallery plugin into Jomsocial albums. Will post the same later.