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Written by Parth Lawate Saturday, 20 March 2010 20:49
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All of us here at Tekdi Web Solutions are avid trekkers.. We are always looking at a chance to go out into the wilderness be it in the Sahyadris or the Himalayas or some obscure jungle..

We love to trek in the Forts in the Sahyadris & love to keep a count of which all forts we have visited.. On our latest trek to a fort called as Bhairavgad , an idea emerged to develop a small Social application ( Staring as a facebook app) that would let avid trekkers like us make a portfolio of the fort's we'd visited to date..

P.S. We get a lot of such ideas when we go on treks but few manage to get converted to something useful.. A similar idea was developing a super interactive & intelligent community driven information portal on forts the biodiversity of the sahyadris.. It started out well  with a lot of information being compiled & an intelligent engine being developed on Joomla 1.0 but was abandoned later due to lack of time..

But with this new application that dream is back in focus.. Using this application as a base, we envisage to develop a community driven database of information on the various aspects of various forts in the Sahyadris like routes, flora, fauna, architechture, history etc.. This may not be limited to just Sahyadri treks but any location in the future..

It can have a great application in Bio diversity mapping efforts as well..

Coming back to the current application..

  • It will allow users to add a fort & date on which they visited the fort..
  • They can add people who went to that trek with them by their email address
  • The application will be intelligently be able to suggest people to the user who were on the fort on the same day.

Future versions will allow adding Fort Specific information as well as trek specific information..

Here's a screen shot of the email thats sent :) .

More information to follow up later.. The application should have its public release next week !


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Written by Parth Lawate Wednesday, 10 March 2010 13:22
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SPAM ! This is one problem that any webmaster today has to contend with in his daily tasks. If not dealt with on a fundamental level it can really become a pain in the neck & also end up in consuming time.  Not removing Spam comments /registrations/ forums posts on websites can really be harmful for its reputation & credibility.

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Written by Parth Lawate Monday, 15 February 2010 15:14
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I needed to use of Google Analytics with email campaigns to help analyze the effectiveness of the campaigns.. So here are some scribbles & notes which might help anyone needing to do something similar..

I am going to use a email campaign we were creating to promote one of our Products 'JBolo!' a chatting extension for Joomla..

Read on for details..

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Written by Parth Lawate Monday, 15 February 2010 15:07
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This is another post i am making to compile magento related tutorials & Snippets

Remove Product Comparison in Magento

Making use of Magento getSingleton Method

Add Qty Box on Category list page

Testing Magento Snippets

Cart Edit in Place - How to

Admin Modules How to

Overriding magento Classes

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Written by Parth Lawate Monday, 15 February 2010 15:02
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As usual i am going to be introducing completely out of sync topics to my Blog.

I need to review some Magento Extensions for some work & need this to be available for easy reference.. Was going to make a file first.. But then thought why not a blog ? Much more useful for others as well ! So here goes..

The Magento Connect Categorization is & navigation is pretty awful & it seems its not crawled very well by Google.. Hence this effort.. Maybe i will resort these blogs later to put them in more sensible categorisations.

Read on for some of the better ones i found..

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Written by Manali Wednesday, 25 November 2009 11:21
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'What Clicks in Joomla' is twitter based game played in an attempt to conduct a community based research to find the leading preferences of Joomla users across the globe.


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