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Joomla Photo Blog View & Virtual Pagination Module

Written by Manali Wednesday, 25 November 2009 11:07
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Joomla basically being a CMS & that too generic for all types of users does not provide very high flexibility in showing your content in innovative layouts. This leads to many Joomla sites having a ‘typical’ look.

One of our clients recently approached us with an innovative new layout which they thought of doing with Joomla website which let to the development of the Joomla “Blog category Photo View” & the virtual Content pagination module.

Using this innovative new style of display you can display latest 4 articles with Photos (depending on your order of display). The thumbnails are setup to be automatically picked up from a folder based on the file name which is constructed from category id & content id of the item. Depending on requirements this can also be setup to pick up images from the article using {-mosimage-} inserted images. Also a Background image based on category can be set.


There are two ways in which you can use this display.

A. Conventional Blog view type pagination:

In this view the entire page reloads when you click on the next page button & the next SET of items in that category are shown

B. In Place Pagination using the Virtual Content Pagination Module

In this case the top 4 articles remain the same & the items paginate in module without the page reloading.
As you must have realized there is a lot of customization possible in this layout according to the requirement of the client.

The Virtual Pagination Module will soon be relased as it is still under development for more flexible community use.