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1.5 Extensions


DOCman plugins

DOCman plugins ( 1 Files )

Plugins developed by Tekdi Web Solutions for the DOCman extension from

Image Display Modules

Image Display Modules ( 3 Files )

Modules to display images in various ways. Contains sliders, slideshows, Carousels etc.

SOBI2 Extras

SOBI2 Extras ( 4 Files )

Modules, plugins and misc scripts for the Sigsiu Online Business Index component.

Community Builder Modules,Plugins, Extras

Community Builder Modules,Plugins, Extras ( 3 Files )

This section contains all Community Builder related Components, Modules, mambots, extension specific Plugins by Tekdi Web Solutions.

Content Management Resources

Content Management Resources ( 5 Files )

This Section contains various modules, component modification, hacks to Joomla's core content component or anthing that enhances Joomla's content Management Features.

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